About Open Auction

Open Auction is an innovative and powerful tool that enables savings in the purchasing process, using reverse auctions as the main strategy. Our platform focuses on automating, organising and optimising purchases, allowing you to lower costs by an average of 15% to 20%. Any company can participate for free and find the right commercial suppliers for every occasion.

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How it works

It's really easy! The registration process takes less than 1 minute. Follow these steps to be able to publish for FREE.

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With your login you will be able to post purchases for FREE and bid as a supplier without limits.


What do you need to buy? Make a detailed description of what you need to buy. Use the categories and subcategories to make sure your order will get to the right suppliers.


Receive offers and watch your costs improve! Answer possible queries before you finalise your purchase and get better prices.


Contact the seller who has won the auction and arrange delivery of your purchase.


NOV 2020

We came up with Open Auction, and started to develop the shopping platform

JUN 2021

We started to actively participate in business and technology communities

JAN 2022

We launch MVP for the first time. The development team gets bigger.

MAR 2022

We relaunch beta version with good feedback from users.

MAY 2022

We started to develop the token, 0% tax for buying and selling.

SEP 2022

Presale will be on Pinksale









A reverse auction is a type of auction in which the roles of buyer and seller are reversed. In a regular auction, buyers compete to obtain a good or service by offering higher and higher prices, whereas in a reverse auction, suppliers offer lower and lower prices.
If you want to publish a purchase requirement, in the main panel or in My Purchases, you will see a button that says "New publication". Fill in as much detail as possible in all fields (it is very important as the more data you provide, the better the Supplier User will understand) in field 1, press the "Add items" button (you can add up to 15 products per publication) in field 2 and then "Save" to make a publication effective.
From the time the purchase requirement is published, until the day and time of the auction end set by the Buyer User. You will see it like this: Remaining time: 04d 19h 37m 24s.
There is no minimum amount, you just have to bid less than the previous bid

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